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Vaping Tips

For those of you who are fairly new to vaping, but have visited a forum or two, you’ve probably heard of the term “dripping”. Since I’ve had tons of people ask me to explain dripping and also because I, personally, think that “dripping” is the next best thing since sliced bread I thought I’d give you a little overview. The short and sweet of it is “dripping” is the term used when you drip the e-liquid directly on the bridge of the atomizer, bypassing the need for a cartridge. To do this you simply pull off the cartridge, remove the white poly filler ( you can discard this, you won’t need it anymore) drip 2-4 drops of e-liquid directly onto the bridge of the atomizer.

Replace the cartridge (now only being used as a mouthpiece) and vape as usual. This process means you can do away with the mess and fuss of cartridges. No more filling cartridges, no more cart mods, no more experimenting with the perfect cartridge filler. Just bring a bottle of juice and reliable atomizer and battery with you and you’re good to go. However, as with all things e-cig, there are some things you need to know to make this process work for you.

The Sealed Battery

First, you need to make sure your e-cig has a sealed battery. Many suppliers will refer to these as “drip friendly” batteries. There should be no hole in the battery where the atomizer screws in.  An unsealed battery will allow e-liquid into the battery compartment and short out your battery.

I’m Getting A Burnt Taste!

If you’re experiencing a burnt taste your atomizer is running dry. You just need to drop 2-4 more drops onto the atomizer. It takes a little practice to get the timing right. Over time you’ll get a feel for dripping and you’ll just know when the atomizer is running a little low. Some things to pay attention to are: when your vapor drops off, you’re not getting much flavor, the throat hit is weakening. All are signs that you need to drip again.