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The E Health Cigarette

The e health cigarette, also known as the electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarette, is a healthier alternative to a regular cigarette. It can be used either as a substitute for normal cigarettes or as a means to gradually stop smoking. There are a variety of electronic cigarette brands and even flavors to choose from; furthermore, these cigarettes are actually cheaper than regular cigarettes.

Why the E Cigarette is Healthier than a Regular Cigarette:

E health cigarettes contain nicotine but are still much healthier than the average cigarette. Something else that many people do not realize is that the average cigarette contains more than just nicotine. It also contains tar and other harmful chemicals that, over time, can cause cancer and lung diseases. The E cigarette, on the other hand, contains no harmful chemicals. Another health benefit is that one can control just how much nicotine is taken in when using an e cigarette. The e cigarette also does not emit smoke, making it environmentally friendly and protecting friends and loved ones from the harmful side effects of second hand smoke.

E cigarettes also do not leave a yellow residue on a person’s teeth. As these cigarettes are smokeless, a person who uses them will not smell like cigarette smoke. One is also free to smoke most anywhere, even in places where smoking is generally not allowed.

Details on how the E Health Cigarette Works:

The e health cigarette is different from the average cigarette, but it is not hard to learn how to use it. The electronic cigarette has three parts. The battery lasts for about ten hours and can be recharged as needed. A vaporizer with a microchip is also included, as is a mouthpiece. The cartridges are purchased separately. As was noted above, these cartridges come in varying flavors. Some cartridges have nicotine and others do not. The nicotine free cartridges are ideal for a person who wants to get off nicotine but still enjoys smoking from time to time.

The e cigarette will work as soon as a person draws on it. There is no on/off switch. The battery will be on standby until it is used. All the components listed above can be purchased separately as needed.

In Summary:

The E cigarette is fast becoming a popular alternative to regular smoking and it is not hard to see why. First of all, it is cheaper than using regular cigarettes. It offers health benefits in that it allows a regular smoker to avoid the harmful chemicals that are included in regular cigarettes. A person will also be able to control just how much nicotine he or she is using. Many people who want to quit smoking also turn to the e cigarette for help. While there are nicotine patches freely available on the market, many people who want to quit smoking miss the feel of it. The e cigarette allows someone to smoke without inhaling nicotine. For all these reasons and many more, the e health cigarette is far better than a regular cigarette.