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The Importance of Quality Nicotine in E-Liquids

Eliquids are composed primarily of four core ingredients. These ingredients include vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavorings and nicotine. Although all these ingredients are important to be of high quality, nicotine is especially important in e-liquids.


Vape juice uses liquid nicotine extracted from tobacco and other nicotine-carrying plants. However, this liquid nicotine must remain in a highly pure form and not be mishandled, otherwise leading to a very harsh and unpleasant vaping experience. The purity of nicotine in e-liquids must be at a 99% purity level, which most US-based e liquid nicotine wholesalers offer to e-liquid manufacturers and DIY customers.

Not having the highest purity nicotine isn’t the only way e-liquid can lose its freshness. If nicotine is exposed to oxygen for too long, it spoils. Oxidation can severely reduce the quality of nicotine in e-liquids. Additionally, exposure to extreme heat or cold can really mess up liquid nicotine as well, causing it to spoil.

Light exposure also negatively affects nicotine. Do not keep your e-liquids or liquid nicotine in direct sunlight or places where prolonged exposure to sunlight is inevitable. Placing the e-liquid ir nicotine in a dark place is best for storage.

If any of these factors affect the quality of the nicotine in your e-liquid, you will experience unpleasant tastes and aromas, or have really harsh hitting e-juice.



If you are producing e-juice on your own, it is important to test the nicotine before you mix up large batches of e-juice. The last thing you want is to mix 400mL of e-juice just to find that you used bad quality nicotine and have to start all over, wasting time and money.

The best nicotine suppliers in the industry sometimes send bad nicotine, maybe due to the shipping process or handling along the way. You can test nicotine that you receive by mixing up 20 ml of VG with the liquid nicotine you received and let it set for awhile before vaping. If the quality taste and feels great, then go ahead with mixing your big batch.

Low quality nicotine will have a strong peppery aftertaste too it. This is something you should look out for when you’re testing your liquid nicotine.

Remember, the quality of nicotine is essential, whether you are a consumer or a producer. Purity, temperature, oxidation and light exposure all play a part in degrading nicotine in e-liquids, and you should be mindful of that if you want to make the best e-liquid or have the most pleasurable vaping experience.

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