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I’m Getting A Gurgling Sound When I Vape!

Ah, beware the gurgle, it means you’ve flooded the vaporizer. It’s not really that big of a deal, just a little messy if it starts to leak. To fix this simply unscrew the vaporizer and blow into it like you would blow through a straw. Be sure to put a paper towel or tissue over the end of the vaporizer to catch the e-liquid that comes out. This blowing out of the vaporizer can be done from either end of the vaporizer. I prefer to blow from the threaded end, that’s just how I was told to do it when I started, but I know of plenty of people who use the open end of the vaporizer. When you’ve blown out the vaporizer, screw it back onto the battery and add 2 drops of e-liquid. If there’s any sort of burnt taste or you’re not getting much vapor, try two more drops.

One more thing about flooding. It happens to all of us! Sometimes there’s no gurgling, just a bit of e-liquid dripping out the side where the battery and vaporizer connect. I don’t bother blowing out the vaporizer if it’s just leaking a bit. I do however, make sure I have a paper towel or tissue with me wherever I go. Just as a side note: the thickness of your e-liquid and the model of your e-cig are both contributing factors. Some e-liquids tend to leak more than others and some e-cig models tend to leak more than others. Keep in mind, these are only my opinions based on what I’ve experienced. Your experience may be completely different, which is why I haven’t  commented on which juices or models I’ve found to be prone to leaking.

What’s A Drip Tip?

The drip tip is, in my opinion, one of the best little advancements in the e-cig design. A drip tip is a tip (mouthpiece) that has an opening at the top large enough to allow you to drip directly into the vaporizer. With this nifty little invention you no longer have to remove the mouthpiece every time you need to top off. They’re an inexpensive way to make dripping a little more convenient. I love them!

Why Bother Dripping At All?

Finally, the real question. Why bother dripping at all? Well, for me, it was just because the cartridges don’t work well for my style of vaping. I tend to vape in bursts. I don’t vape for a good portion of the day, but when I do, I chain vape. The cartridges just wouldn’t wick quickly enough for me. I tried all the “cart mods” out there (at the time) but it all seemed like too much of a headache for me. The only time I use cartridges is if I’m driving a long distance. Dripping and driving is dangerous – don’t do it! When it comes down to it, throat hit and flavor were the most important factors for me. I think that dripping gives far better throat hit and flavor than any of the cartridges I’ve tried.

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