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    The E Health Cigarette

    The e health cigarette, also known as the electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarette, is a healthier alternative to a regular cigarette. It can be used either as a substitute for normal cigarettes or as a means to gradually stop smoking. There are a variety of electronic cigarette brands and even flavors to choose from; furthermore, these cigarettes are actually cheaper than regular cigarettes. Why the E Cigarette is Healthier than a Regular Cigarette: E health cigarettes contain nicotine but are still much healthier than the average cigarette. Something else that many people do not realize is that the average cigarette contains more than just nicotine. It also contains tar and…

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    I’m Getting A Gurgling Sound When I Vape!

    Ah, beware the gurgle, it means you’ve flooded the vaporizer. It’s not really that big of a deal, just a little messy if it starts to leak. To fix this simply unscrew the vaporizer and blow into it like you would blow through a straw. Be sure to put a paper towel or tissue over the end of the vaporizer to catch the e-liquid that comes out. This blowing out of the vaporizer can be done from either end of the vaporizer. I prefer to blow from the threaded end, that’s just how I was told to do it when I started, but I know of plenty of people who…

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    Vaping Tips

    For those of you who are fairly new to vaping, but have visited a forum or two, you’ve probably heard of the term “dripping”. Since I’ve had tons of people ask me to explain dripping and also because I, personally, think that “dripping” is the next best thing since sliced bread I thought I’d give you a little overview. The short and sweet of it is “dripping” is the term used when you drip the e-liquid directly on the bridge of the atomizer, bypassing the need for a cartridge. To do this you simply pull off the cartridge, remove the white poly filler ( you can discard this, you won’t…